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At A2z Medical Billing Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive podiatry billing services tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice. Connect with us to handle your billing complexities with precision and expertise, maximizing your practice’s profitability and efficiency. 

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As the data shows, a staggering 27% of podiatry practices experience revenue loss due to inaccurate claims.  With 20% of revenue loss attributed to coding inconsistencies, it’s clear that accurate coding is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity for financial stability.

Podiatry practices face a unique set of billing challenges that go beyond the typical medical billing complexities. Complex foot and ankle procedures, specialized DME (durable medical equipment) like orthotics, and routine foot care all come with their own specific coding requirements and reimbursement rules. 

We go beyond basic claims submission, proactively identifying opportunities for increased reimbursements and tackling denials head-on.  With A2Z, you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care, knowing that your billing is in expert hands.

Patient Eligibility
Accurate Charge Entry
Clean Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Denial Management
Compliance Checks
Audit Support
Podiatry Reporting

Your Complete Solution for Podiatry Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

We understand your hesitation –  most billing companies promise the world but deliver generic podiatry medical billing services that don’t address the unique needs of podiatry practices. 

Acute Care Claims

Advanced Surgical Coding

We specialize in complex coding for reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries, ensuring maximum reimbursement for these complex procedures.

Podiatry-Specific Fee Schedule

We don't just accept the usual fee schedules. We meticulously analyze your payer contracts to identify underpayments and negotiate higher reimbursement rates.

Patient Education

We help your patients understand their financial responsibility, offering flexible payment options and education on insurance benefits to improve collections.

Pre-Authorization and Appeal

We proactively handle the complex pre-authorization process for surgeries and other high-cost procedures, minimizing delays and maximizing approvals.

Customized Revenue Cycle Reports

We provide you with tailored reports and dashboards that track your key performance indicators, giving you a clear picture of your financial health.

Performance Benchmarking

We analyze your practice's financial performance against industry benchmarks, providing actionable insights to improve efficiency and profitability.

Podiatry-Specific EHR Systems

We seamlessly integrate with leading podiatry EHR systems, streamlining data exchange and reducing manual data entry errors.

Dedicated Credentialing Support

We handle the tedious process of provider credentialing with insurance companies, ensuring you're in-network and maximizing your patient base

Software and Technology

Podiatry-Focused Expertise
Optimized Financial Performance
Highest Possible Rates
Preventing Denials
Hassle-Free Appeals
Dedicated Teamwork
Proactive Revenue Management
Experience the Difference

A Podiatry Medical Billing Company That Optimizes Your Entire RCM

You’re probably thinking, “Another billing company promising the moon? I’ve heard it all before.”  We understand your skepticism. A2Z Medical Billing Services is different. We’re your podiatry-focused revenue cycle partner. We understand the complexities of your practice, and we have the expertise to optimize your financial performance from start to finish.

We leverage our expertise and relationships with payers to negotiate the highest possible rates for your podiatry-specific services. Our team scrutinizes each claim before it’s submitted, preventing denials before they happen and saving you the hassle of re-working and appealing rejected claims.

At A2Z, we believe that your billing partner should be an extension of your team, working dedicatedly to optimize your revenue and uplift your practice’s growth. Partner with us and experience the difference a podiatry-focused billing company can make.

Optimize Your Podiatry Billing with Precise Q Modifier Usage

Q modifiers are essential for accurate podiatry billing, ensuring you receive the correct reimbursement for services provided to patients with systemic conditions.


Q7 (One Class A Finding)

We ensure accurate application of Q7 when your documentation supports a single Class A finding, such as an ulceration or amputation. This modifier indicates a higher level of medical necessity and can result in increased reimbursement.


Q8 (Two Class B Findings)

Our team carefully assesses your documentation to identify two Class B findings, such as absent pulses or thinning of the skin. Correct application of Q8 ensures you receive the appropriate reimbursement for the increased complexity of care.


Q9 (One Class B and Two Class C Findings)

We meticulously review your records to identify one Class B and two Class C findings, such as edema or temperature changes. This ensures that the complexity of your patient's condition is accurately reflected on the claim.

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Optimize Your Practice: Expert Podiatry Billing Services Await!

Enhance your practice’s financial health with our specialized podiatry billing services. Our dedicated team ensures optimized revenue and reduced claim denials, allowing you to focus on patient care. Experience the difference with a billing partner who truly understands your needs.

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Why Choose A2Z for Podiatry Medical Billing Services

A2Z Medical Billing Services focuses on boosting your practice’s revenue cycle performance. We monitor key metrics like Clean Claim Rate and Days in Accounts Receivable, providing insights that empower your practice to make informed decisions for financial success.


Get Paid in Days, Not Weeks

We're obsessed with speed. Our lightning-fast claims submission and aggressive follow-up mean you get paid faster, so you can focus on your patients, not your paperwork.


Certified Podiatry Billing Specialists

Our team consists exclusively of certified experts who live and breathe podiatry billing codes, regulations, and best practices. Your claims are in the most capable hands.


A Proven Track Record of Podiatry Billing

We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our track record speaks for itself. 99% clean claims rate or 25% average increase in collections for practices. We deliver results, not just promises.


No Downtime, Just Uptime

Our seamless transition process ensures that your claims continue to be processed without missing a beat, so your revenue flow remains uninterrupted.

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