Mental Health Billing Services

Eliminate billing related burnout and free yourself and your staff to provide exceptional care to your patient by outsourcing your medical billing services for mental health services to the leading mental health billing company. Request a free quote and see how much we can save you on billing.

Therapist Billing Services That Understand Your Unique Needs

Are you a therapist bogged down by billing? It’s common. Small practices often end up doing it themselves, delaying claims, facing denials, and getting paid slowly. We get it: Billing for mental health care isn’t like standard medical procedures.  Varied session lengths, diverse therapies, and complex insurance rules create hurdles. Pre-authorizations add another frustrating layer.

That’s where we come in. Our therapist billing services are designed to take this burden off your shoulders. We specialize in the nuances of psychotherapy billing, ensuring accurate mental health coding and timely submissions that maximize your reimbursements.

We go the extra mile to make sure you are not missing out on your actual reimbursement. We fight with insurance companies on your behalf to make sure each claim is compensated and paid timely. Stop losing out your money and outsource your psychotherapy billing services to A2Z medical billing services now.

Behavioral Health Billing Services for a Smoothly Run Practice

Forget the scheduling headaches

Patients can book their own appointments online anytime, and we'll grab all the important info upfront – like insurance details – and sync it seamlessly with your records so there remains no scheduling disruption.

Eligibility Erros? No more!

Our team knows the ins and outs of behavioral health coverage. We'll check benefits, handle pre-authorizations... all that mind-numbing stuff that keeps you from patient care so your all time is for your patients.

Coding got you confused? Leave it to us!

We're experts in those complex CPT and ICD-10 codes, making sure your claims are accurate and compliant (and that you get paid what you deserve). Plus, we've got technology on our side for super-efficient electronic claim submission.

Tired of chasing down payments?

We'll keep a close eye on those claims, fight any denials that come up and would swiftly appeal for those denial claims, and give those insurance companies a nudge for faster payments so you don't have to wait or chase .

Payments Collection feels like a Hurdle?

We'll make sense of them! We handle all the payment posting, tracking of the payments, and organizing of payments from both patients and insurance with your check on all this process with integrated financial dashboards with your system

Want to see Where Your Practice Villing Stands?

You'll have a clear view of your practice's financial health, so you can make the best decisions and will make sure to grab more and more revenue opportunities

Goodbye to piles of paperwork!

We'll digitize and streamline your records, so you can ditch those bulky files and free up valuable office space and you can easily access all your records with easy with a powerful automated system.

Never miss a payment again!

We offer flexible payment options for patients, reducing barriers to care and boosting your revenue in the process.This means fewer headaches chasing down unpaid balances and a healthier cash flow for your practice.

Certified Billing Company - Expertise in Claim Submission

Unburden Your Practice with Psychiatry Medical Billing Specialist

Let our team of seasoned psychiatry billing experts shoulder the complexities of charge entries, claim submission, and ever-changing regulations. We bring deep knowledge of mental health-specific billing procedures, ensuring accuracy and maximizing your reimbursements.  This means you won’t lose precious resources battling frustrating denials or complex regulations.

We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to streamline and optimize your billing processes. Our team boasts mastery of leading EHR and EMR systems, allowing us to integrate effortlessly into your existing workflow for minimal disruption.  We understand that compliance is paramount in mental healthcare. Our professional team ensures that your mental health billing guidelines are well prepared for maximum reimbursement.

Our psychiatry medical billing services are designed with affordability in mind. We understand the unique financial realities of mental health practices.  Our cost-effective solutions ensure you won’t break the bank while gaining the expert support you need to optimize revenue and achieve long-term stability.

Benefits of Outsourcing Psychology Billing Services

We take the complexity out of psychology billing, leaving you with a streamlined process that saves you time and stress. Our approach empowers you to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to your patients.


Accurate ICD-10 and CPT Coding

Say goodbye to the stress of coding errors that lead to delayed payments and denials. Our experts stay up-to-date on complex code sets, ensuring your claims are filed accurately the first time


Effective Denial Management System

We don't let improper denials chip away at your revenue. Our team meticulously reviews denials, identifies root causes, and appeals decisions, recovering funds that are rightfully yours.


Reduced A/R Backlog

Our proactive approach minimizes your accounts receivable backlog, optimizing your collections. We stay on top of outstanding claims and work with insurers to ensure timely payment, boosting cash flow and improving your bottom line.

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Why Should Your Enrust Billing Services for Mental Health Providers

Transform your behavioral health practice with the nation’s leading billing partner. Achieve financial stability and growth with our comprehensive services.

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Telehealth Billing and coding
at an Affordable Cost

We understand the unique challenges of telehealth coding for mental health. Our cost-effective solutions ensure you get reimbursed accurately for virtual appointments, helping you extend care to more patients in need.

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Our AAPC-certified coders demonstrate a deep understanding of complex behavioral health coding and billing procedures. This translates to fewer claim errors and increased approval rates.

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Transformed cash flow
with our 2-week A/R resolution

Our dedicated team meticulously tracks and addresses outstanding claims, ensuring you recover the revenue you're rightfully owed. We proactively identify and resolve the root causes of denials, preventing future A/R backlog.

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QPP Incentives Expert

Our experts break down the complexities and provide tailored strategies to optimize your performance.We'll help you track essential metrics, identify improvement areas, and maximize your eligibility for QPP incentives.

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