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Tap into the power of next-generation billing services designed to accelerate your earnings. Our tech-driven solutions and expert team work seamlessly to enhance your billing efficiency, ensuring faster claim settlements and maximized revenue.

Expert-Driven Urgent Care Billing Leading To Max Reimbursement

In the fast-paced world of urgent care, every second counts. Your dedication to swiftly addressing emergencies—from minor injuries to acute illnesses—means your focus is squarely on the well-being of each patient who walks through your door. With the continuous flow of cases and the critical nature of urgent care, administrative tasks like insurance verification and claim submissions can't be your priority. After all, you didn't enter the medical field to navigate the complexities of billing; you're here to save lives and provide immediate care.

This is where A2Z Medical Billing Services steps in, transforming your billing challenges into streamlined successes. Expert-driven urgent Care Billing Leading To Max Reimbursement is not just our promise; it's our practice. With A2Z by your side, you can redirect your full attention back to patient care, confident in the knowledge that industry-leading experts are managing every claim.

Why let billing distractions pull you away from what you do best?

A2Z Medical Billing Services specializes in urgent care billing, ensuring that your practice achieves maximum reimbursement without the hassle. Our team is adept at navigating the intricate world of insurance policies, claim submissions, and eligibility verifications, so you don't have to. We understand that the nature of urgent care demands rapid response and precision — qualities we mirror in managing your billing processes.

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Full Spectrum Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management

Partner with us for 360-degree RCM solutions for your urgent care centers that bring financial clarity, control, and acceleration to your urgent care clinic.

Comprehensive Coverage Checks

We meticulously verify patient benefits, ensuring clarity on coverage details, minimizing billing surprises, and securing your revenue stream right from the start.


Front Desk Management

Our front desk support streamlines patient check-ins, ensuring a smooth start to each visit's financial journey. This enhances both patient experience and billing accuracy.

Accounts Receivable

A/R Optimization

Our Accounts Receivable management tightens your cash flow cycle, aggressively addressing any overdue payments while maintaining a positive relationship with your patients.

Proactive Coding Updates

Level 1-3 ICD & CPT Coding

From minor evaluations to complex treatments, our coding covers all levels of care — ensuring every service rendered is accurately captured and billed for optimal reimbursement.


Patient Billing

Patient statements are crafted for clarity and prompt payment, reducing confusion and enhancing the likelihood of timely revenue collection from your clientele.

Rigorous Revenue Reconciliation

Every payment is scrutinized through our audit process, ensuring accuracy in what's been paid against services rendered, safeguarding against underpayment or lost revenue.


Denials and Appeal

When denials occur, we're on it — analyzing, appealing, and amending claims to turn potential losses into successful recoveries, ensuring your services are fully compensated.

Insightful Financial Reporting

With our transparent reporting, gain actionable insights into your financial health, enabling strategic decisions to boost profitability and operational efficiency.

Software and tech

Accelerate Claim Approvals with Professional Urgent Care Billing For Providers

89 million patient visits, representing 29% of all primary care and 15% of outpatient visits across the U.S., are managed by urgent care clinics each year. Clinics epitomize efficiency, with over 70% of patients seeing a provider in less than 20 minutes and 85% treated within an hour. Now, picture your urgent care clinic capturing that same efficiency, not just in patient care, but in your financial operations as well with rapid and swift submission of your claims.

We employ a trusted clearinghouse for prompt and precise claim submissions, significantly reducing the waiting game for approvals. Should a hiccup occur, our denial management specialists are on it — correcting and resubmitting claims with a speed that rivals your urgent care services. We pledge not just to keep up but to stay ahead, aiming to resolve any outstanding claims within a brisk 30 days. By integrating ERAs and EOBs into our system, we promise clarity and precision in every financial interaction, ensuring you're always in the loop and on top of your finances.

But here's where it gets even trickier: the labyrinth of urgent care billing codes and methodologies. With distinct differences between hospital emergency rooms (POS 23) and urgent care facilities (POS 20), the room for error is narrow yet critical. This is where our expertise shines. We eliminate the guesswork, ensuring your services are billed accurately to prevent revenue leaks and enhance your earnings.

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What Makes A2Z Urgent Care Billing Services Superior From Others

A2Z Urgent Care Billing Services excels with advanced tech, expert coding, and a dedicated team for swift reimbursements and streamlined billing, boosting revenue for providers.

S9088 for After-Hours Services

Demonstrates our capability to accurately bill for after-hours or weekend care, ensuring reimbursements reflect the extended service hours unique to urgent care.

S9083 for Comprehensive Care Billing

Our use of S9083 simplifies the billing of multiple services provided during a single visit, promoting a global fee approach that captures the full scope of patient care. .

POS 20 for Urgent Care Identification

By applying POS 20, we precisely classify services as urgent care, guaranteeing Medicare recognizes and properly reimburses the specialized care provided.

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What Makes A2Z Urgent Care Billing Services Superior From Others

Unlike other medical billing companies out there we don’t make false promises, Our results speak volume. Outsourcing your revenue cycle management services to urgent care billing to us will benefit you with:


Audit at No Cost

Ensure your practice is compliant and avoid costly errors with our complimentary, ongoing audits. We'll identify any discrepancies and work with you to rectify them before they become problems.


Stay Ahead of Healthcare Regulations

Don't get left behind by evolving Quality Payment Program (QPP) measures. Our team stays current on the latest regulations and proactively implements best practices to keep your practice in compliance.


Proven Success for Urgent Care Centers

We understand the unique challenges faced by urgent care facilities. With over 300 successful partnerships across the US, we have the expertise and experience to optimize your billing processes and maximize your reimbursements.


Billing @ Lowest Market Cost

We offer competitive rates, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. Focus on providing excellent patient care while we handle the complexities of medical billing at the lowest market cost.

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