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Achieve an average increase of 25% in yearly revenue with our physical therapy medical billing services. Our billing experts multiply your practice’s productivity, potentially doubling your patient capacity by freeing you from administrative binds.

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Imagine the ripple effects when these complex physical therapy billing issues aren’t managed effectively. Payments get delayed, claims bounce back, and before you know it, you are spending more time on collection than patient care. It affect your practice’s financial health—not to mention, it could leave your patients feeling second-best.

Our physical therapy billing service is tailored specifically for therapists, focusing on distinct challenges. We’re ensure that whether you’re billing for a manual therapy session or an hour-long combination treatment, every detail is accurately captured and efficiently processed. With our advanced billing and dedicated team expertise, you can trust us to get your claims handled promptly and correctly.

Let’s connect and streamline your medical practice processes and revenue cycle to ensure prompt and efficient collections.

Patient Registration
Insurance Verification
Charge Capture
Accurate Coding
Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Denial Management
Reporting & Analytics

Driving Excellence Towards Your Billing Cycle With Our Bespoke PT Billing Services

We stand at the forefront to deliver the top rated therapy billing services to our clients with a dedicated set of rcm services that are tailored to each practice unique needs.

Acute Care Claims

8-Minute Rule Billing

Expertly applying the 8-minute rule, we ensure accurate billing for time-based codes. Our approach maximizes reimbursements by capturing billable unit.

PT Referral Management

Streamline your referral process with our dedicated management system. We handle and track referrals from intake to treatment, ensuring insurance compliance

Physical Therapy Coding

Tailor coding practices to cover the diverse range of physical therapy treatments, ensuring accurate coding and billing for each modality.

PT Claim Submission

Utilize our deep understanding of physical therapy billing to create a clean claims that meet insurer demands, improving acceptance rates and speeding up reimbursements.

Proactive Pre-Authorization Services

Anticipate insurance requirements with our proactive pre-authorization services, including gathering necessary documentation and justifying medical necessity.

Targeted Denial Management

Our denial management addresses physical therapy-specific issues, ensuring swift resolution of underbilled sessions and incorrect 8-minute rule applications.

Outcome-Based Payment

Adapt to the evolving outcome-based payments in physical therapy, ensuring that your billing practices align with results-driven reimbursement models.

Enhanced PT Compliance

Ensure top compliance with expert monitoring of physical therapy billing regulations, safeguarding your practice against audits and compliance issues.

Software and tech

Identify PT Practice Loop Holes
Precise application of codes
Adherence to CMS Billing Guidelines
Automated Systems to Reduce Workload
Enhancing Financial Health
Latest Regulatory Changes
Doubling Therapy Earnings

2X Your Therapy Earnings with Our Physical Therapy Billing & Coding

Many practices face significant challenges with the ever-changing rules of insurances, often leading to denied or underpaid claims, which can severely impact your revenue stream. By expertly managing your billing processes, we help you avoid common pitfalls like incorrect code usage or failure to justify medical necessity, which are frequent reasons for claim denials.

Our physical therapy billing and coding services ensures precise application of codes and adherence to billing guidelines, minimizing errors and improving claim acceptance rates. Our  approach not only secures your reimbursements but also boosts your practice’s efficiency and reputation.

Let us handle your billing and coding needs so you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional patient care.

Distinctive Billing Solutions for Complex Therapeutic Services

A2Z bring the best to the table when handling billing for complex procedures, ensuring precision and efficiency.


Maximize Reimbursements

Through accurate coding and timely submissions, we ensure that each therapy session is billed correctly, capturing every reimbursable minute under guidelines like the 8-minute rule​.


Streamline Processes

Our automated systems reduce manual workload, allowing you and your staff to focus more on patient care while we handle the administrative complexities and regulatory compliance.


Improve Cash Flow

By reducing the turnaround time for claims and increasing the rate of accepted claims, we enhance your financial health, ensuring a steady cash flow and improved profitability.

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Ready to 2X Your Collection for Physical Therapy Billing?

Boost your physical therapy collections with our expert physical therapy billing. Our strategies include precise documentation, proactive claim management, and leveraging payer-allowed amounts to detect and rectify underpayments swiftly. Transform your revenue cycle today and experience a significant increase in your collections.

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Why Outsource Your Physical Therapy Billing Service to Us?

Outsourcing to us means partnering with experts who improve your billing efficiency and accuracy without compromising your oversight. Wanna See Why?


99% Claim Acceptance Rate

Achieve a 99% claim acceptance rate with our specialized Physical Therapy Billing & Coding services, ensuring prompt and accurate reimbursements.


10+ Years of Experience in PT Billing

With over 10 years of experience in PT billing, our team brings unparalleled expertise to ensure your practice's financial success with precise billing and coding.


Complete Denial Management

Our expert denial management team swiftly resolves claim issues unique to physical therapy, reducing denials and ensuring you receive the reimbursements you deserve.


Reduced A/R Backlog

We ensure not just to reduce it but to keep it low, turning slow cash flow into a steady stream. Let us clear out the old and make way for the new—faster payments and healthier finances.


Audit at Zero Cost

Feel secure with our zero-cost audits, checking your compliance boxes without the extra fee. We dive deep into the details, ensuring everything is spot-on and up to code.


No Hidden Costs/Service Charges

No hidden costs, no surprises. We believe in clear, straightforward billing because the last thing you need is another puzzle when it comes to finances.

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